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What good is a shop where nobody finds you? Get found on the internet.


When people arrive at your website, does it get their attention? Do they pick up the phone to call you? Engage your prospects and customers!


What is the rate of converting prospects visiting your website into a customer? Convert your prospects into customers.


What makes a successful web presence and business is not any one thing, but a series of strategies and actions. This begins with the brand, which needs to seamlessly tie into your website and Internet marketing campaign. See how Vivity Internet Marketing has you covered.

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We offer all the services you need to help your business succeed and grow online… Read More

Search Engine Optimization
Google’s algorithm is reckoned to have 200+ factors that are processed in order to determine which website addresses to display in search results when you type a search. The algorithm is refined and updated regularly and… Read More
Increase your brand awareness and page conversions… Read More
Paid Search
PPC – Pay Per Click. This is a very highly focussed form of advertising which entails a mixture of science and marketing magic. Through analytics and research to find what words people use to search, adverts can be targeted to… Read More
Social Media Marketing
Like other marketing media types, SMM can be used for several purposes – directly advertising and selling and promoting brand awareness. Social media provides a very immediate means to interact directly with your customers… Read More
Display Advertising
Targeted digital advertising campaigns can boost your return on advertising spend… Read More
Email Marketing
Direct marketing which gets results if done well… Read More
Content Marketing
“Content: Text matter of a document or publication in any form.” Google loves quality content. Valuable content is content that is helpful, educational and interesting to visitors. Good content gets shared and builds credibility… Read More
Mobile Marketing
Stay ahead of your competitors, maximise your marketing efforts… Read More
Affiliate Marketing
Exploit the power of the huge numbers of Internet marketers… Read More

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We offer all the services you need to help your business succeed and grow online…

Social Media Images Management

Social Media Images Management

So many social media images to manage According to Wikipedia there are more than 200 social media sites and each one will have a number of social media images associated with it. Each site will have its own way of allowing you set up an account, possibly with a...

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Website launched today

Website launched today

Vivity Internet Marketing launches its new website today and enters the world of business to help others win with their online marketing efforts. We look forward to helping others succeed in the online world of websites, social media, email as well as traditional...

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