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coronavirus business impact

I’m not even going to mention the “C” word as I think we all continue to hear plenty about it. It’s causing almost unfathomable problems on many levels and the domino and ripple effects are easy to see – a company goes bust, it can’t pay its creditors – they also go bust and there maybe several companies in that chain, where the inability to pay creditors gets passed down the line and several other companies are pulled into the vortex. Employees lose their jobs, possibly struggle to pay mortgages, houses get repossessed. Debts build up.

The Consequences of Lockdown

Even for those people who could deliver their goods and services, the lockdown prevents them from doing so. The financial impact is impossible to quantify worldwide. It’s easy to see a recession born out of this. Property is already being down valued and in the case of some property developers they are finding the land they own has been valued at zero  – because it would be unsalable if there was the need to repossess. So developers may now be stuck paying back loan finance on land worth zero and on which it is impossible to secure finance to do the construction. And even if they could, there are no workforces available to do the work.

The Positives

Looking at the positives, for those of us with a few grey hairs and wrinkles, we will look back and realise that 20 years ago all that is happening right now would be very different indeed. No internet, email, video calls, video conferencing. Just traditional TV with 4 channels and landline telephones. We are fortunate indeed to have amazing technology today that makes it incredibly easy for us to stay up to date with news and events, in fact often ahead of the media agencies that cover things. We get information in real time, we can video chat and we can know that the data flows across the world are happening in real time as we speak, we can see statistical data update on our screens as soon as the data has been released. This is particularly relevant as we see the numbers of infections and deaths across the globe and chart these against time to see how the numbers have changed across recent weeks right up to here and now.

The Setback

I could go on, there are many other businesses adversely affected and which may never recover. On top of the 2007 credit crunch from which we still haven’t recovered, the current situation will set us back for at least five years – that’s my guess. Whether we will ever get back to pre- 2007 levels is difficult to tell.

For many of us, it is a time of reflection. And indeed we have plenty of time to think, consider, review and contemplate. Many people who’s businesses are based online will be less affected. In fact some will be thriving and may well be benefiting from the situation. It is a time when some people may be rethinking their careers, their income streams and their futures generally.

The Thrivers

There are many, many online business types that can thrive – selling products from a warehouse, selling them via Amazon (FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon), drop shipping – ordering from a supplier who sends the goods direct to the customer, although this can take weeks. Online training, learning. Software as a service (SaaS). Amongst many others. For many business types, there is no need to be physically present. Online banking is but one of many examples of businesses that years ago required attendance at a bank to transact money. No longer the case. Many big businesses went bust in recent decades as a result of not changing their business model to keep up with the times.

Online Marketing

Bottom line: If you have ever been thinking of setting up an online business, this truly has to be one of the very best times in your life to seize the opportunity. During lock-down, you have a huge chunk of time, the likes of which you will likely never see again in your lifetime. You also have every resource at your fingertips to allow you to get started. You have hours, days and weeks to gain the knowledge, to learn all you need to learn and indeed with hard work and dedication your new online business could well be turning a profit before the end of lock down.

Getting Started in Online Marketing

I am currently working on the material for a new course – “From Zero to Hero: How to Learn Digital Marketing and Make Money Online” which I will soon be launching. In the course I’ll be teaching you absolutely everything – and I mean everything – that you need to get online. Unlike most courses, I will also be providing access to myself – so if you get stuck on anything at all, I’ll be available at the end of a phone, video call, email to help you overcome challenges, smash those blockers and crack on with progressing towards success.

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The early modules are done and I will be running webinars to teach the material. Once the course is 100% constructed, I’ll be selling it with a premium price tag. However, I am offering this for a huge discount for the first ten people who want to sign up for just £99. It is a give away price because I want to start helping people as soon as possible and also allow me to get some feedback on the material so that I can continually refine and polish the offering in preparation for the official launch later this year.

Take Action Now!

So, if you’re interested in this fantastic opportunity to start your online business, then email me at [email protected] or book a call by clicking here and we can take it from there. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Paul Jordan

Paul graduated with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and started out his career as a software engineer creating software for control systems used in manufacturing. He then switched to working on web-based projects and progressed into project management. Having worked in just about all aspects of the IT industry, he has gained a broad skill set covering databases, writing code, testing, website development and project management. He started his own internet marketing business putting his skills to great use and is involved in affiliate marketing through Facebook advertising. Paul loves helping other businesses succeed online and offers coaching and training services also.

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