May 11

Weekly News Roundup – Second Week of May | Vivity Internet Marketing



This week, lots of news articles caught our attention, and we think these articles would definitely pique your interest as well! 

1. How is UK consumer sentiment changing – and what does it mean for marketers?

The FINANCIAL - UK consumers spend more on essentials than US or India

Latest UK Consumer Sentiment Research, reveals that optimism for an economic recovery in the UK has reached its highest recorded level during COVID-19, having almost doubled since November 2020. The majority of vaccinated consumers expect routines to return to normal by the end of 2021 and say finances are already back to normal. As younger consumers receive the vaccine, greater spend and out-of-home activity will likely continue to increase.

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2. College students are getting valuable career experience working as brand ambassadors for companies like TikTok and Bumble.

Bita Motiie, a senior at the University of North Texas, says being a brand ambassador for TikTok opened up a lot of job opportunities for her.

Companies like TikTok and Bumble are hiring college students to work as brand ambassadors on campus. These jobs pay better than typical college jobs like food service and retail — and provide valuable career experience.

Students say they’ve learned about marketing, content creation and management while working as brand ambassadors — and grown their network by connecting with other campus representatives across the country. And, in a hyper-competitive internship and job market, brand ambassador experience is one way to stand out, the students said.

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3. 6 Ways You Can Leverage Consumer Psychology to Drive More Sales

The definition of marketing psychology and how to use it

The modern-day consumer differs a lot from those of even 20 years ago. We’re used to online marketing now, and we consider the internet a part of everyday life. However, we are still driven by the same desires, needs and wants. We are still influenced by factors that help us make up our minds. Psychology plays a large part in marketing, even though we may not notice it.

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