Direct Mail Marketing

This traditional method of marketing still works well, it is tried and trusted and still used. In conjunction with online marketing campaigns, direct mail can still bring great results.

Direct Email Marketing


Whilst digital marketing may have over shadowed older methods, direct mail still has a part to play. And technology allows highly targeted mailings to be sent out in a similar way to online although the results cannot be monitored in the same way.

We work in partnership with specialist data providers which provide highly tailored mailing lists based on exactly the criteria specified – age, affluence, gender, ethnicity and so forth. This helps maximise the results of direct mail.


Demographics play a key role in marketing effectively – knowing your audience. It should come as little surprise that a more senior audience may have no internet access – it is estimated that only 45% do. Further, research has shown that direct mail generates a much higher success rate than with email for this demographic.

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