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Paid Search Marketing Process Diagram


PPC – Pay Per Click. This is a very highly focussed form of advertising which entails a mixture of science and marketing magic. Through analytics and research to find what words people use to search, adverts can be targeted to generate clicks that take prospective customers through to your website. That’s only half the story though. Once on your site, you need to have compelling content and strong calls to action that persuade prospects to become customers. Split testing to see what works best, localisation, squeeze page development are all components in getting business.


PPC campaigns offer you the opportunity to drive immediate, qualified traffic to your website or social media presence (e.g. Facebook page). PPC also provides detailed statistics about your visitor’s behaviours – where did they come from, what pages did they view, what time of day did they come, how long did they stay on your site. This information can be fed back into further refining your page content and SEO.

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