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Starting Your Online Business

I’m not even going to mention the “C” word as I think we all continue to hear plenty about it. It’s causing almost unfathomable problems on many levels and the domino and ripple effects are easy to see – a company goes bust, it can’t pay its creditors – they also go bust and there […]

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Social Media Images Management

Social Media Images Management Photo

So many social media images to manageAccording to Wikipedia there are more than 200 social media sites and each one will have a number of social media images associated with it. Each site will have its own way of allowing you set up an account, possibly with a profile. Some sites also allow you to […]

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Website Launched Today

Website launched today

Vivity Internet Marketing launches its new website today and enters the world of business to help others win with their online marketing efforts. We look forward to helping others succeed in the online world of websites, social media, email as well as traditional marketing methodsOffering free advice and access to a wealth of online resources, […]

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